Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday Quotation

Quotations can be fun, uplifting, entertaining, wise, silly, heartwarming, admonishing, and much more. You can show them off, use them appropriately and inappropriately, with raised index finger or as a throw away line. In short, quotations can be everything to all men, relevant or not relevant.

The Scraper and I use quotations all the time, we pick them up as we go along, and use them in any of the above ways.

Every Sunday, barring some unforeseen obstacle, a quotation will appear on these pages which I consider shareable; so, please bear with me.

Yesterday and today it has been raining non-stop, the sort of English rain which goes on and on, drenches everything and makes me very depressed. To cheer me up, here's the first Sunday quote:

The Rain it raineth every Day,
upon the just and unjust Fella.
But more upon the Just,
Because the Unjust has the Just's Umbrella.



  1. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I think we have been having English weather here. But the greens are greener and fuller.

  2. Very unexpected quote I must say. Thank goodness it has finally stop raining today on our side of the pond.

  3. Hi Friko, I love quotations too. And it's a very long time since I heard that one.

    Purple Coo is at

    We're a grand community. There are several cooers not far from you and one who joins us from Germany.

    While most are in the UK others are from France, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Belgium.

    The people who comment on my blogs are almost entirely purple cooers.

    Good luck

  4. That Anon is so clever!
    (Of course it's raining - we had 3 whole days of sunshine, it couldn't last!)

  5. Ahhhh,Friko. That is a clever quote.

    I woke up this morning to the sound of rain and felt so depressed. I went looking for a quote to cheer me up and this is what I found:
    "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." ~ Albert Schweitzer

    I put on some music, loved on my cat, and sure enough, I felt much better!

  6. Hi everybody - all of you are telling me about rain where you are. Is there no dry spot left in the Western hemisphere?

    QMM = thank you kindly.
    Tabor - unexpected? is that a polite way of saying "hm, not really my thing"
    Fennie - thanks for the info; I'll have a go.
    WiAR - Yes, don't I know it.
    Karen - music and cats, yes, definitely. Clever man, old Albert.


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