Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Town and Country and a bit of Culture

We've been having visitors, hence the gap.

The Northern Chamber Orchestra under Nicholas Ward gave a concert at the Assembly Rooms in Ludlow.

We had Mendelssohn's String Symphony No. 13, Mozart's Clarinet Concerto,  Astor Piazzolla's The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, Walton's Two pieces from Henry V and Mozart's Symphony No. 27.

An easy, popular programme, the Scraper even called it anodyne. I wouldn't go quite so far; I adore Mozart, Piazzolla was very interesting and Walton quite moving. 

The soloist Mark Simpson is a young musician; he won BBC Young Musician of the Year as well as BBC Proms/Guardian Young Composer of the Year. Technically, he was very accomplished, 
however, as the Scraper frequently tells me, there is a world of difference between technical brilliance and musicianship.

We enjoyed the concert very much, there is too little music in our lives nowadays.

A meal at The Unicorn Inn in Ludlow ( rounded off the evening. 

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