Saturday, 18 April 2009

After a thorough soaking the whole garden seems to have come alive today. The grass is greener, the hedges are bursting with new growth and he flowers have grown measurably.
Gardener and I were out there all day, I am dog-tired, but it was worth it.

Sudden Spring

Spring is sudden: it is her nature.
However carefully we watch for her,
However long delayed
The green in the winter'd hedge
The almond blossom
The piercing daffodil,
Like a lovely woman late for her appointment
She's suddenly here, taking us unawares,
So beautifully annihilating expectation
That we applaud her punctual arrival.

Gerald Bullett (1893-1958)

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  1. Hey Friko - thanks for visiting my blog. I love the piece below this about your father hiding out in the compost heap! You have a nice style and i think your blog deserves more comments. Keep visiting other people and they will return the favour.

    Have you thought about expanding your stories about your memories - could be a book in it xx


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