Saturday, 11 April 2009

Spring Blossom

A wonderful Easter Saturday n the garden.

The Cherry tree and the Amelanchier are in full bloom. Even the leaves are out and the reddish/golden leaves of the Amelanchier and the red leaves of the Cherry bathe the area around them in a reddish/golden sunhaze. The daffodils are already beginning to lose their lustre.


  1. Hello Friko, so good to meet you on my blog. Your photos are lovely too. The Amalanchia is beautiful. I think we have one too, does it have white flowers before the leaves?

    I travelled to Germany quite a bit as a teenager. My father was a musician and made friends there when he toured with the Covent Garden Orchestra.

    Will be back, that's for sure. Do you mean Shropshire Marshes??

  2. Hi BT,
    thanks for your comment; you're right about the Amelanchier.
    But, I don't believe this: my husband was with the ROH for over 45 years as a musician. He is the Scraper in my blog.
    Hence the love of opera, of course.
    Yes, Shropshire Marches is where we live, it's beautiful here.

  3. I've just come from Francessa's blog where she also showed daffodils. Your photos are lovely, Friko, and springtime where you are seems to be full of nature's blessings.

  4. Thanks for coming back, Lydia.
    I have been following your posts and, I must say, I do like them.


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