Friday, 27 March 2009

I've been very domesticated this past week, shopping, cooking, visiting my old ladies. I find grocery shopping very boring, so to make the almost day long shopping expedition at all interesting we have a meal at a restaurant. The Shropshire/Welsh Marches are famous for the many good restaurants and food shops; we have a veritable foodie paradise here.

The Pound Inn at Leebotwood on the A49 between Church Stretton and Shrewsbury has a pleasant atmosphere, friendly service and a menu that reads like a dream.

The day after was free so I spent the whole morning cooking: a large meatloaf filled with roasted peppers and aubergines and an equally large chicken thigh casserole with vegetables. When I have spare time I often cook dishes which go into the freezers;  my own "ready meals", which come in very useful when I want to do other things. We very rarely buy in ready meals, I love to cook and entertain; I count having a well-stocked larder and freezer amongst life's pleasures. Naturally, I also love to eat good food.

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