Monday, 23 February 2009

Town & Country and a bit of Culture

In my last post I talked about the many societies we have; there is also a very active social scene. Many inhabitants are retired professionals, academics, artists, writers and musicians. Although not all of them meet socially, at least not in the same circles, quite a few social gatherings take place. we give each other meals, meet for drinks, have parties. 
In the last week the scraper and I went to a birthday party, a lunch party and gave a dinner party ourselves. We also spent an evening with friends watching Verdi's "Don Carlo"  on DVD, with a young Pavarotti and Ricardo Muti conducting the La Scala orchestra.
Not bad for the sticks. 

Drinks parties can be boring, one meets the same 20 or 30 people in varying combinations and after a while it is difficult to find anything new to say. And I certainly don't want to listen to the same  stories time after time. I find switching off doesn't always help, sometimes I get found out because I've been asked a question which I simply haven't registered and am therefore unable to answer. Then one paddles like mad to catch up. 

Dinner parties are different. Sometimes you are paired with bores, which is rotten luck. Mostly though, and certainly on the occasions when the scraper and I  do the entertaining, we chose guests who will be amusing, lively and interesting. I try to get the IQ average to be twice that of the age average. At least. There were two history professors, two musicians, two teachers at the table this weeks, all of them happy to eat, drink, talk and be very merry indeed. 

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