Thursday, 5 February 2009


Went out to lunch yesterday; a very pleasant couple invited us to their home. We are not exactly great friends but we get on very well and enjoy each others company whenever we meet.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the other couple who was present. The husband is quiet, doesn't say much. The wife makes up for his reticence : she talks. And talks. And talks. I quite like people who entertain me, in whose slipstream I can gently doze away a pleasant couple of hours, while enjoying good food and drink. What I cannot abide is being forced to listen to every tiny detail in the life of somebody's (unknown to me) family, be they children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, yes, even uncles and aunts. A bit of juicy gossip, yes, I can live with that. I admit, that secretly, I might even enjoy a bit of scandal - the sort that can never be repeated but causes a tiny frisson of glee all the same. But the everyday minutiae of very boring lives drive me rigid with fury.  Instead of relaxing in such people's company, I can feel my shoulders getting stiffer and more tense by the minute. And, politeness demands, that you say nothing to shut them up; you are a guest in somebody else's house.

Could one possibly ask never to be invited at the same time again? 

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